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Wireless Magnetic Suction Charge for iphone15 14 13 12 11promaxpuls Transparent TPU Soft and Hard Combination Magsafe case Cover


SKU: 9131098898742-wireless-magnetic-suction-charge-for-iphone15-14-13-12-11promaxpuls-transparent-tpu-soft-and-hard-combination-magsafe-case-cover Categories: , ,

Features : Anti-Fingerprint,Anti-Scratch,lightweight,Non-Slip
Design : Plain,transparent
Type : Full Coverage
Origin : Mainland China
Compatible Brand : APPLE
models : for iphone 1413 11 12 13promax
material : High Quality Soft Silicone
feature : Gradient Stripe Phone Case
Sale : Wholesale,Retail,Drop Shipping
Function : Platinum lens frame phone case

 This mobile phone shell uses TPU and acrylic combination materials, so that the whole shell is not only soft, but also has the characteristics of high transparency and anti-scraping. The edge part adopts soft material, which can effectively absorb and reduce the impact force of mobile phone falling, and provide better protection against fall.

The middle part of the shell is made of high permeability anti-scraping acrylic material, which not only has a high degree of transparency, so that the appearance of the mobile phone can be fully displayed, but also can effectively prevent scratches and wear in daily use.

The camera area is protected by aluminum alloy material, which can effectively resist the collision and scratch of the camera and protect the safety of the camera.

The key part is made of aluminum alloy material, which makes the key feel more comfortable and durable. At the same time, it combines the design of soft and hard materials to provide better feedback and easy operation.

Overall, this phone case uses a combination of soft and hard design, able to provide more comprehensive protection, to ensure that the phone is not easily damaged in the event of an accidental fall.
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