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Versatile Electric Rotary Tool: Mini Engraving Pen & Grinder for Creative DIY Crafts, Carving, Engraving, Sanding, Polishing – SGS Approved

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SKU: 8912866574646-versatile-electric-rotary-tool-mini-engraving-pen-grinder-for-creative-diy-crafts-carving-engraving-sanding-polishing-sgs-approved Categories: , ,

Usage : Home DIY
Variable Speed : Yes
No-Load Speed : 20000RPM
Rated Voltage : 3.7V
Model Number : SGS Mini
Type : Mini Grinder
Power Source : Electricity
Brand Name : ARROWMAX
Origin : Mainland China
Certification : CE,FCC,RoHS
features1 : Electric Engraving Pen
features2 : Electric Polishing Pen
features3 : carve, engrave, grind, sand, polish
features4 : engraving set
features5 : engraving pen
features6 : battery engraver
features7 : mini polisher
features8 : jewelry polisher
features9 : electric grinder
features10 : Rotate Tool

【Multipurpose Rotary Tool Set】

The high-performance and low-noise power rotary tools combined with 36 most popular rotary tool kit for DIY fine work. But not for Heavy-duty Projects. Whenever you think of engraving, sanding, grinding, polishing, you’ll find this electric rotary unit is a must for creating your resin crafts. Owning one is like having a whole toolbox.

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【Design your project】

Catering to a separate audience of creators and hobbyists, it is perfect for craftwork, whether you’re creating miniatures, jewels, prototypes, sculptures, or even for more intricate art/design jobs.

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【Variable Speed with APP(OPTIONAL) 】

Users can precisely customize speed by every 1000 RPM and direction by forward/reverse of every single mode easily via ARROWMAX Smartphone app that’s available for Android and iOS. Lowest being at 10000 RPM and highest at 20000 RPM.

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【Magnetic USB Charge, Long life】

Rotary tool cordless comes with 4V rechargeable battery, It can work 90 minutes after a fully charge. For the convenience of our users, the optional large magnetic charger is designed to allow the user to charge the pen in the box, which can reduce the time for the user to put the pen back into the box after charging is complete.

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【Reliable Chucking System】

To improve the consistency and performance, we choose the system as the picture shown. This system can reduce the chance of problem happens and convenience our users.

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【ALL-IN-ONE With 36 Accessories】

Rotary tool comes with 36 attachments and accessories is perfect for a variety of light-duty handy works. Grinding, polishing, curving, sanding, engraving and more light projects, all your need is this convenient all-in-one tool. Engraving bits x 24,polishing bits x 12.

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【Feedback and service】

ARROWMAX stands for a sense of speed, a way forward, keen and agile, producing sophisticated high-end products. The brand combines futuristic elements of creativity, design and technical knowledge to bring out the best in its products. Our smart tool range has passed several quality tests is eligible for a 12 month warranty. If you have any questions or suggestions, please send us a message.


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