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Versatile 3-in-1 Nonstick Omelet Frying Pan – Perfect for Steaks, Breakfast, and More! Upgrade Your Kitchen Cookware & Utensils Today


SKU: 8912104849718-versatile-3-in-1-nonstick-omelet-frying-pan-perfect-for-steaks-breakfast-and-more-upgrade-your-kitchen-cookware-utensils-today Category:

Capacity : 1-2L
Diameter : 28cm
Pot Cover : None
Applicable Stove : General Use for Gas and Induction Cooker
Feature : Eco-Friendly,Stocked
Certification : CE / EU,CIQ
Model Number : U099
Metal Type : Aluminum
Material : Aluminum Alloy
Pot Cover Type : Without Pot Cover
Wok type : Non-stick
Pans Type : Frying Pans & Skillets
Origin : Mainland China
Type : Pans
Keyword 1 : Frying Pan
Keyword 2 : kitchen accessories
Keyword 3 : Nonstick Pan
Package includes : 1 x frying pan


1. The breakfast frying pan is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, which has excellent corrosion resistance.

2. Thickened aluminum body and induction compatible bottom provide stable heat distribution and rapid heating. It is ideal for gas, ceramic, electric, halogen or induction stoves. Oven and dishwasher not suitable.

3. Ergonomic wooden handle, heat resistant, suitable for grasping and keeping cool while cooking. The right handle length and arc arc can help you master your cooking skills. With a lifting loop, it is also great for easy storage.

4. Multi-Part Design – 3 separate part frying pans allow you to cook 3 different foods at the same time. All-in-one frying pans save you from having to use multiple frying pans. The compartments are separated enough to prevent food mixing, which helps you save time and effort in preparing breakfasts and exquisite lunches in one pan for you and your family.

Material: aluminum alloy

Size: 29cm

Handle length: 19.2cm

Package includes: 1 x frying pan

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