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Tungsten Carbide Black Rose Gold Plated Stripe 24K Gold Foil & Meteorite Ring


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    • Superior Quality Tungsten Ring
      23 year eBay Seller – Absolutely Without-a-Doubt Guaranteed Genuine Tungsten
      and 14K Gold Foil

This is a Spectacular Ring made of Tungsten with Two Rose Gold Accent Stripes that highlight the inner Stripe that contains Meteorite & Genuine 24K Gold Foil Accents.   The Ring is perfect for the Elegant Man, the man who likes finer and expensive things.   The Ring is Plated in Black and has a gorgeous Brushed Finish that highlight this special ring.   There are random faceted cuts that create a very Modern and Distinguished Look!  The ring is slightly domed on the inside for a terrific Comfort Fit smoothness.  This ring is perfect for that luxurious and handsome man who loves gourmet food, loves to go out on the city and enjoy himself.  

Comfort Fit – Slightly domed on the inside of the band resulting in a very comfortable fit, there will be no edges grinding into your finger


  • Everyone who buys a Tungsten ring absolutely loves them.

    About Tungsten  

  • Tungsten is one of the hardest substances on the Planet Earth
  • Measures between 8 & 9 on the Mohs Hardness scale, Diamonds are a 10.  Four times harder than titanium.
  • Tungsten signifies strength, tenacity and hardness.
  • Tungsten does not scratch, dent or chip.
  • Finish is similar to platinum or rhodium
  • Exploding in popularity!
  • Width:  8mm
  • Weight: approx. 7.8 grams for size 10 and 10 grams for size 13.
  • Ring Size: Available in 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13
  • Item #: CTU567
  • Please Note:  All weights and measurements are approximate.


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