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Travel And Portable Women’s For Razor With Refillable Water Spray Bottle Moiturizing Bar Triple-blades For Women

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Production License : /
Special Purpose Cosmetics : no
Ingredient : Wooden
Model Number : Tongue Depressor
NET WT : 100pcs
Gender : Female
Brand Name : HNKMP
Origin : Mainland China


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1.100% brand new and super high quality.
2. Shave Without The Shower: Portable for Razor makes it easy to for Touch up missed spots, or hit a full shave, on-the-go.
3. High Quality Blades For A Close Shave: Each kit contains two blade, hinge razors for a clean, close shave.
4. They’re all easy, effective, and multi-functional so you can carry less, use less, and still achieve the same results.
5. How To Use: Simply fill the spray bottle with water. Then rotate the center dial to spritz, lather, and shave anywhere.

Material:ABS+304 blade+soap
Color:As the picture show
Size:As the picture show(1inch = 2.54cm)
Function: 2 razors + 1 soap + 1 travel bottle

Package includes:
1 x Razor
1 x Moiturizing Bar
1 x Water Spray Bottle


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