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SUPCASE For iPhone 11 Case 6.1 inch (2019 Release) UB Edge Slim Frame Case Cover with TPU Inner Bumper & Transparent Back Cover

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SKU: 9131102929206-supcase-for-iphone-11-case-6-1-inch-2019-release-ub-edge-slim-frame-case-cover-with-tpu-inner-bumper-transparent-back-cover Categories: , Tags: , ,

Type : Half-wrapped Case
Brand Name : SUPCASE
Compatible Brand : APPLE
Origin : Mainland China
Color : Black, Ruddy, Dark Green, Violte
Material : TPU + Polycarbonate (PC)
Design : Hybrid Clear Bumper Design
Quality : Top Quality
Compatible Model : For iPhone 11 (2019 Release)
Item Weight : 120g
Shipping Weight : 150g
Function : Anti-Knock / Shockproof
Application : For iPhone 11 Case 6.1 inch (2019 Release)
Stock : 100% Original SUPCASE Case in Stock
Drop Shipping : DropShipping Available

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SUPCASE For iPhone 11 Case 6.1 inch (2019 Release) UB Edge Slim Frame

Case Cover with TPU Inner Bumper & Transparent Back Cover

Product Description >>>

Unicorn Beetle Edge Case for iPhone 11

The Unicorn Beetle EDGE is exactly what it says on the tin—a shockproof bumper for edge-to-edge protection, covering just the edges of your iPhone 11. In addition to keeping your lenses and display off damaging surfaces, the UB Edge includes an optional clear back made of scratchproof polycarbonate.

Shockproof TPU
Raised Bezels
Shockproof TPU Bumper
Precise Port Cutouts
MagSafe Compatible

Features >>>

Made of high-quality PC+TPU materials, protective, durable & stylish.

Transparent scratch and discolor resistant back cover highlights your iPhones signature look.

Raised bezels on the back corners protect camera lens from scratches.

Easily access to all of your smartphone features, functions and ports thanks to the precise design of case cutouts.

Compatible with iPhone 11 (2019 Release) 6.1 inch only.

Package included:

A Back Phone Case x 1

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