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Smart Watch with Fitness Tracking, Built-in GPS, Bluetooth, & more

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Introducing the Zeblaze Stratos 3 Smart Watch with Fitness Tracking, Built-in GPS, & Bluetooth. It is constructed from a Zinc Metal Bezel & Drilling Carbon Coating. Packed with features, including 400 mAh Li-pol battery, Corning® Gorilla® Glass, magnetic charging, & a durable & comfortable liquid silicone strap, this smart watch is IP68 waterproof & compatible with Android 4.4 or iOS 8.2 & above. Monitor your health with a wrist-based Heart Rate Monitor, Pulse Ox Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor, SpO2, Stress Level, Sleep Monitor, & Steps Tracker. Track your activity & sports with up to 100+ sports modes & real-time Pace & Distance.

Health Features

Activity Tracking: Activity Record, Step Counter, Standing, Move Bar (Displays on device after a period of inactivity; Walk for a couple of minutes to reset it), Auto Goal (Learns your activity level and assigns a daily step goal), Calories Burned, Real-time Pace & Distance.
24H Monitoring: Wrist-based Heart Rate (Abnormal Heart Rate Alerts), Step, Standing, Calories Burned, Real-time Distance.
Manual Measurement: Wrist-based Heart Rate, SpO2(Blood Oxygen) Level Measurement, Stress Level.
Sleep Quality Monitoring: Sleep stages (including REM), Sleep schedule, Sleep Score, and Insights.
Breathing Exercise: Support
Menstrual Cycle Tracking: Support

Sports Features

Sports Modes: 100+
Smart Recognition of Outdoor Running, Treadmill, and Walking.
Available Run Profiles: GPS-Based Distance, Time and Pace, Customize Activity Goal, Real-time Steps, Avg Speed, Avg Pace, Min Heart Rate, Max Heart Rate, Avg Heart Rate, Calories, Heart Rate Range(Warm-up, Weight reduction, Endurance, Anaerobic, Extreme), Activity History on Watch.
Running & Walking: Outdoor running, Treadmill, Walking, Indoor walking.
Cycling: Outdoor cycling, Indoor cycling, Mountain cycling, BMX.
Indoor sports: Mixed aerobics, Strength, Stretching, Stair climbing, Indoor fitness, Yoga, Elliptical, Power, Flexibility, Stepper, Step Training, Gymnastics, Freestyle, Core training, Stair climbing, Dumbbell, Free exercise, Barbell, Pilates, HIIT, Cross training, Physical training, Weightlifting, Deadlift, Burpee, Sit-ups, Functional training, Hula hoop.
Outdoor workouts: Hunting, Fishing, Skateboarding, Sailing, Rock climbing, Rock climbing, Paddleboarding, Kayaking.
Dance: Ballet, Square dancing, Zumba, Belly dance, Street dance, Ballroom, Dance, Folk dance, Jazz dance, Latin dance.
Combat sports: Fencing, Boxing, Tai chi, Karate, Judo, Wrestling, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Martial arts, Kickboxing.
Ball sports: Cricket, Basketball, Badminton, Baseball, Bowling, Squash, Softball, Croquet, Volleyball, Table tennis, Handball, Soccer, Wall ball, American football, Hockey, Tennis, Billiards, Ice hockey.
Winter sports: Curling, Outdoor skating, Indoor skating, Skiing, Snowboarding, Double board skiing, Alpine skiing, Cross-country skiing.
Other Sports: Archery, Equestrian sports, Jump rope, Darts, Frisbee, Kite flying, Tug of war, Shuttlecock, and Kabaddi.

Day-to-Day Features

Smartphone Assistance: Bluetooth Phone Calls, Controls Smartphone Music and Camera, Phone Call Notifications, SMS Notifications, App Notifications, Find My Phone.
Timing: Time/Date, GPS Time Sync, Automatic Daylight Saving Time, Stopwatch, Timer, Alarm Clock.
Daily Life: Weather Sync(Check the weather in the next four days), Raise to Wake, Sedentary alert, Drink Water Reminder, Medication Reminder, Events Reminder.
Modes: Power Saving Modes, Do Not Disturb Modes, AOD Modes, Screen Locked Modes, Slient Modes.

Supported Devices: Android 4.4 or iOS 8.2 and above.
Review & Share Your Activity: Sync Workout Data to Apple Health & Strava.


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