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Baseus Magnetic Car Mobile Phone iPhone Holder

Foldable Design with Magnetic Attachment

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Available in Many places on the car

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Mini Magnet can Precisely Pair with All Iphone Series

Base on the Coil of iPhone with diameter down to 60mm,stronger magnetic attachment for the phone

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Foldable Design for Different Viewing Angles

Nickel Titanium Inside, Elastic and Bend-able

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Still Stable Even On Bumpy Roads

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Put it up and down by Single-Hand

Easy Switch Between Landscape and Portrait Mode

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3M with Velcro Base More Secure and Durable

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Minimalist Design

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1.Pls Wipe the Surface with Alcohol Pad,wait it Dry and Cleah,then apply the 3M Tape

2.Peel off the 3M Tape and Stick the Vecro Base to the Center Console/Dashboard/Front of Control Panel,then wait for 2 Hours

3.Stick the Velcro on the Holder to the Base and Bend the Handle as you want

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