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RGB Music Rhythm Activated Ambient Lamp Music-Controlled LED Color Changing Ambient Light Bar Pickup Truck Atmosphere Lamp


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(Without memory function) This 5V Plug-in/Rechargeable RGB Colorful Light features 32 LED Voice-activated Pickup Atmosphere Light Bars that can be used for Car Light Strips, Desktop Party Decorations, and Props. It doesn’t have a memory function, so it will revert to the first factory mode and color after a power failure. The light strip is equipped with a 16-bit ARM 8-pin chip that ensures optimal performance.

With its multi-mode display and soft light design, this lamp offers a captivating visual experience. It comes with 32 colorful light beads and offers no less than 8 display modes. You can also adjust the brightness across 5 levels and the speed across 5 levels.

To provide enhanced functionality, this light strip supports intelligent noise reduction. With AGC automatic gain control and an intelligent denoising algorithm, it can effectively operate even in noisy environments.

The built-in microphone allows for voice control, adding a unique and atmospheric element to your surroundings. The light strip senses the beating rhythm and responds accordingly, creating a dynamic and visually stunning effect.

You have two power supply options to choose from. You can either use the USB plug-in option or the built-in rechargeable battery. The built-in battery can be fully charged or connected to a power source for uninterrupted operation.

This versatile light strip can be used in various scenarios. It is an ideal companion for cars, desktops, home speakers, games, and outdoor parties, adding a touch of vibrancy and excitement to any occasion.


The music level lamp boasts an acrylic one-time molded shell with 32 colorful lamp beads inside. It is paired with a dedicated MIC for music and a 16-bit ARM 8-pin chip processor. This combination enables the lamp to express music and sound fields dynamically.


The pickup lamp automatically detects external music through its built-in microphone. It synchronizes with the music frequency and activates the RGB full-color LED lamp beads, resulting in a dynamic lighting effect that enhances the visual experience.


Type: D08-RGB Material

Material: ABS+ Electronic Components

Color: White/Black (optional)

Style: USB 5V Power Supply/Rechargeable Battery (optional)

USB 5V Power Supply: Direct plug-in without batteries

Rechargeable Battery: Built-in 250mAh battery, can be plugged in or fully charged

Chip Type: 16-bit ARM 8-pin chip

With APP or Not: No APP required

Input Voltage: DC 5V 1A or above

Input Interface: USB

Frequency: 50-16kHz

Dimensions: 181*181*16*18.5mm/7.1×7.1×0.63×0.73in

Net Weight: 45g

Software Support: AGC, Intelligent Noise Elimination, Firmware Update (upgrade via built-in serial port)

Function: 12 Dynamic Horse Racing Modes +18 Voice Control Modes

Uses: Car/Desktop/Home Speaker/Game/Outdoor Party, etc.


MODE/SPEED Key: Press briefly to switch between modes. Long press to adjust speed settings.

COLOR/BRIGHT Key: Press briefly to select color. Long press to adjust brightness level.

Pressing both keys simultaneously activates ambient noise spectrum learning.

Holding down COLOR enters gain setting mode.

Power-On (Battery Model Only): Press the COLOR key after power-off.

Turn Off (Battery Models Only): Keep the lamp face down for 3 seconds.


1. Do not use a power supply higher than 5V to avoid damaging the motherboard. Only use certified power supply equipment.

2. Do not submerge the lamp in water or expose it to humidity exceeding 90%.

3. When cleaning the screen, avoid using any solvent or liquid other than absolute alcohol.

4. Non-professionals should not attempt to disassemble the lamp. Warranty does not cover product failures caused by non-quality factors.

5. Not suitable for children under 6 years old.

6. Unplug the power supply when not in use.


This lamp is equipped with a 16-bit ARM 8-pin chip.

This lamp does not have a memory function and will reset to the first factory mode and color after a power failure.

Please note that the actual color of the item may slightly differ from the color shown in the pictures due to monitor and light effects.

Please allow a 1-2cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

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