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Pet Placemat Dog Food Bowl Mat Cat Feed Mat Cat Dog Drinking Feeding Placemat Silicone


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Pet Placemat For Pet Food Mat Dog and Cat Waterproof Feeding Mat Best Pet Bowl Pad Prevent Food and Water Overflow Silicone

【 Product Specifications 】
Due to the difference in the production process, the product size is slightly different, the difference may be slightly smaller or slightly larger, and the error is about 0~2 cm.

Size:46 X 30 CM, 60 X 40 CM, 80 X 60 CM,29.5 X 29.5 CM

Color: Black, Gray, Green, Pink, Dark Blue, Milky White.
Weight:280g, 530g, 790g,170

Material: Silicone.
Type: Pet Placemat, Pet Food Mat, Pet Feeding Pad.
Scenes: Pet Dog & Cat Feeding, Indoor.
Suitable for dog breeds: Poodle, French Bulldog, Pug, Chihuahua York, Labrador, Dachshund, Terrier, Teddy, Golden Retriever, Corgi.
Suitable for large, medium, small dogs cats to drink water.

【 Features 】

1. Easy to clean: It can be easily cleaned with ordinary brushes, saving cleaning time. Also can be hand wash.
2. Protect the floor: Waterproof Design. The anti-overflow design on the edge and the material of the placemat can effectively prevent pets from soiling your floor during eating.
3. Protect the health of pets: Prevent pets from eating food that has been polluted the floor.
4. Super friction: The thick cushion can effectively prevent pets from damaging the floor and ensure that the pet bowl will not move easily.
5. Space-saving: The design of shape and product size makes it not occupy too much space for you.

【 Note 】

1. There may be a 1 ~ 3cm error because of manual measurement.

2. The pictures might have little color error ( Chromatic aberration).

3. Thanks for your understanding.

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