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Modern LED Cordless Table Lamp


Product information:

Material: Aluminum

Colors: Black (all aluminum), white (all aluminum), gold (all aluminum), pink (all aluminum), silver (all aluminum), blue (all aluminum), brown (all aluminum), green (all aluminum), gray (all aluminum), red (all aluminum), black+aluminum+iron, white+aluminum+iron

Voltage: 220V

Product color temperature: white light/neutral light/warm white light

Support dimming: Touch based long press infinite dimming

Charging method: USB

Packing list:


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Lonniesvariety 1740613743810842624
Lonniesvariety 1740613744007974912
Lonniesvariety 1740613744137998336
Lonniesvariety 1740613744293187584
Lonniesvariety 1740613744448376832
Lonniesvariety 1740613744586788864
Lonniesvariety 1740613744846835712
Lonniesvariety 1740613744972664832
Lonniesvariety 1740613745173991424
Lonniesvariety 1740613745312403456
Lonniesvariety 1740613745614393344
Lonniesvariety 1740613745702473728
Lonniesvariety 1740613745790554112


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