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LED Magic Flying Ball Pro Spinner Toys Hand Controlled Boomerang Lighting Remote Control Drone

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Package Includes: Original Box, Batteries, Operating Instructions, USB Cable

Material: Plastic

Indoor/Outdoor Use: Indoor-Outdoor

Flight Time: 10M

Features: App-Controlled

Dimensions: 9.5*9.5*9.5cm

Controller Battery: included

Charging Voltage: 3.7V

Charging Time: 30M

Certification: CE

Magic Flying Ball Pro Spinner Toys Hand Controlled Boomerang Mini Lighting Remote Control Drone For Adults Kids


1. With three dazzling colorful lights, your flying ball toy looks like a neon shooting star when you launch it into the sky.

2. The ball toys are easy to use. Turn on the power button and hold the toy, then shake it to power up and start it!

3. Launch your toy and use the boomerang to call it back to base – it’s your hand. Throw the spinning toy and watch it spin directly toward you. Grab it with one hand and get ready for your next trick.


Material: PP plastic + electronic components

Size: 9.5×9.5×9.5cm

Power supply: Flying ball built-in lithium battery

Charging time: 30 minutes

Battery life: about 6-8 minutes

Product size: 9.5*9.5*9.5cm

Packing: with box

Package Included:

1x Flying Ball Spinner

1x User Manual

1x USB cable


Q1: How to turn on/off?

A1: Keep the charging port up, then press the power switch, swing the flying ball with your wrist, and the wind blade starts to rotate. Swing the flying ball again, and the blades will stop spinning. Press the power button again, and the flying ball will stop working.

Q2: Why can’t you throw away the return?

A2: Please keep the charging port up and throw at a 30° angle. The ball will fly by itself. Please practice a few times to become proficient.

Q3: Why does it shut down as soon as it is dropped?

A3: It is a normal phenomenon. The ball will stop spinning after it hits the ground. Throw at an angle of about 30°. He will come back by himself.

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