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Joyroom Phone Clear Case For iPhone 14 13 12 Pro Max PC+TPU Full Lens Protection Back Soft Transparent Cover For iPhone 12 Pro


SKU: 9130411655478-joyroom-phone-clear-case-for-iphone-14-13-12-pro-max-pc-tpu-full-lens-protection-back-soft-transparent-cover-for-iphone-12-pro Categories: , ,

Features : Washable,Anti-Fingerprint,Anti-Scratch,Dustproof,lightweight,Non-Slip,Water-Resistant
Design : Plain,Transparent
Type : Half-wrapped Case
Brand Name : Joyroom
Origin : Mainland China
Compatible Brand : APPLE
Style : Simple
Material : TPU
Suitbale Model 1 : For iPhone 12
Suitbale Model 2 : For iPhone 12 Pro
Suitbale Model 3 : For iPhone 12 Pro Max
Suitbale Model 4 : For iPhone 13
Suitbale Model 5 : For iPhone 13 Pro
Suitbale Model 6 : For iPhone 13 Pro Max
Suitbale Model 7 : For iPhone 14
Suitbale Model 8 : For iPhone 14 Plus
Suitbale Model 9 : For iPhone 14 Pro
Suitbale Model 10 : For iPhone 14 Pro Max
Featutes 1 : Silicone Gel Transparent Case Cover
Featutes 2 : Soft TPU Protective Back Protect Shell
Featutes 3 : Dirt-resistant


Joyroom Phone Clear Case For iPhone 14 13 12 Pro Max PC+TPU Full Lens Protection Back Soft Transparent Cover For iPhone 11 Pro


【360° All-round Protection】This case with precise lens cutout protection can provide 360° all-round protection for your phone. The phone case adopts a multi-layered buffer structure to effectively absorb impact and protect the phone, screen and camera.

【Upgraded Multiple Shockproof】This For 14 Pro Max case adopts a soft frame and hard PC back cover design combined with a new built-in air-cushion drop structure, which provides multiple layers of shockproof protection, reducing damage even from a 6-foot drop.

【Crystal Clear Anti-Yellowing】The phone case is made of new material, wrapped with a delicate anti-scratch and anti-yellowing coating, which not only effectively prevents scratches, fingerprints and stains, but also avoids damage caused by sweat or grease. Good protection without being bulky, the impact-absorbing corner construction is designed to dissipate harsh impacts.

【Slim Design and Comfortable Grip】Maximum protection designed for 13 Pro Max 6.7 inches, can easily fit in your pocket. Treated soft frame with adequate grip but not sticky.

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lce Crystal ZeroTransparent CasePRODUCTFEATURESLonniesvariety S9c0a9584299a46ffbb51e39ef042e333L

Product Features

New products of technology and innovationLonniesvariety Sd8a30acde6f34add94a913d5ee986321QThe Back Panel ls Fully Transparent

lmported ice crystals are transparent enoughLonniesvariety S3912e37f29334146a2382fea7137dcff0No Yellowing of lce Crystal Material

lce crystal materials can effectively reduce molecular gaps

Lonniesvariety Se3b7e53690ff4eda950774ba3b443e92zThin To 0.8MM Ultra Slim

Lightweight feel to truly experience the quality of bare metal

Lonniesvariety S3a7dedabcc894c8fab159010086b8e39PUV Hardening Without Scratching

Long term use without leaving scratches

Lonniesvariety S2853701be0d949f2957d1d7f31435b4fgNot Afraid of Falling In Daily Life

Resilient buffering provides comprehensive protection for mobile phonesLonniesvariety Sf7384a3e81e44d4281b2cab8210308b1mReal Machine 1:1 Restoration

Accurate hole positioning does not affect sound qualityLonniesvariety Sddaedc4decaf454489cc845d43a761882lntegrated Lens Full Package

Effectively protecting the lensLonniesvariety S6a0c9b160c0c4d6e8c63e5ef314c0f584

Oil Repellent Anti Fingerprint

Long lasting refreshing and non greasy

Lonniesvariety S327d1ed0be1645eb8688c219bb4e6163pWireless Charging with Case Still

Compatible with Magnet wireless charging deviceLonniesvariety S2a43cbcae2ed4274aaffc6662ba6aad4BFit Real Machine Buttons

Easy touch sensitive feedbackLonniesvariety Sadce3cead93f4896b650a0c667330b21TLonniesvariety Sc33d8cc5aad74604a4b4e6e975ffa5132



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