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Home Use V Shape Lifting Skin Tightening Instrument Anti Aging Firming Wrinkle Removal Massage EMS Neck Beauty Massager

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Working Principle : LED,EMS,Warm,Vibration Massage
Commodity Quality Certification : ce
Function : Skin Rejuvenation,Skin Tightening,Anti Wrinkle,Lifting
Power Source : USB Cable
Place of Origin : China
Size : 89*47*120 mm
Type : Skincare
Model Number : SF-F08
Manufacturing Process : Machine Made
Material : Plastic
Brand Name : OFAN
Origin : Mainland China
Number of Pieces : One Unit

Product Name
Neck beauty device
Main material
ABS + Silicon
Neck Massager,Clean face,Skin Rejuvenation,Skin Tightening,Lifting,Firming,Wrinkle remove
Charging way
USB charge
Working Time
60 days
60 days
270 g
Product Size
89*47*120 mm
Carton Size
55*30*35 cm
Working mode
4 modes, Cleaning, Introduction, EMS, Heating
White, Black, Red, Customized

We are committed to the research and development and production of beauty tools, and our goal is to become a leader in innovative beauty and skin care.

Unique massage head, 2-in-1 ergonomic design, beauty and skin care tool
This massager has a head design inspired by dolphin tails, a streamlined back, and a unique contoured design, patented.
1st gear – blue indicator light
Low vibration frequency 6200 times/min.
Tighten loose skin.
Promote collagen synthesis.
Suitable for oily and sensitive skin.
2nd gear – green indicator light
Moderate vibration frequency 9500 times/min.
Magnetocaloric at 45°C.
Promotes microcirculation on the skin surface.
Fights edema and calms the skin.
3rd gear – red indicator light
Vibration frequency 12500 times/min.
Improve blood circulation.
Eliminate wrinkles.
Restores natural skin tone.

how to use?
Remove the protective cover
Apply some skin care products to the neck and face
Put the massage head close to the neck and lift it from the bottom several times
Then fit the facial skin and lift it to firm the skin
Lift along wrinkles, improve double chin, laugh lines, eye wrinkles, activate skin cells

Tips before use:
*Recommended to use 10 minutes per day. For example, 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening at the end of your skincare routine.
*Be sure to use it dynamically, not fixedly, so as not to hurt the skin.
*This product is suitable for normal skin. Due to its vibrating and heating properties, we do not recommend using it if you have thin or damaged skin.

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