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Energize Your Home Gym: Yoga Pilates Bar Stick with Resistance Band for Toning, Fitness, Stretching, and Body Workout Fun

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SKU: 8912904618294-energize-your-home-gym-yoga-pilates-bar-stick-with-resistance-band-for-toning-fitness-stretching-and-body-workout-fun Category:

Training Site : Waist,ARMS,Legs,Waist & Abdomen Exercise,Hip,Core
Model Number : Yoga Pilates Bar
Application : Pull Rope
Function : Legs
Department Name : Unisex
Type of sports : Strength Training
Origin : Mainland China

1. The Pilates stick adopts a metal inner tube, which is sturdy, durable, and resistant to breakage. The outer layer has foam handles to protect your hands. Anti slip foot strap, comfortable to touch, protects the ankle from strain.
2. Removable design, easy to carry. Storage is simple and does not take up space.
3. Pilates stick can help complete yoga and Pilates exercises, making your posture more standardized, helping to lose weight and shape, and also exercising your sense of balance.
4. Multi functional, can be used to replace barbells and exercise muscles in the back and buttocks.
5. Suitable for weight loss, fitness, Pilates, and yoga,etc.

Category: pilates stick
Material: steel pipe+EVA foam+latex rope
Color (optional): purple, pink
Dimensions: 93CM/2.99FT (rod length), 85CM/2.79FT (rope length)
Function: comprehensive fitness exercise

Package List:
Pilates stick * 1
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