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Efficient Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine: Excellently Vibrating Your Glasses, Jewelry, and Watches for a Sparkling Clean Experience!


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Introducing the MinHuang Ultrasonic Cleaner, your ultimate solution for keeping your precious jewelry sparkling clean! Boasting a CE certification and an 18W power output, this space-saving 220V cleaner moves swiftly and efficiently to polish your fine accessories. With a generous capacity of 301-500ml, it’s ideal for washing necklaces, rings, and even keeping those watches spotless, all while proudly originating from mainland China. Discover the difference of ultrasonic cleaning with this top-notch gadget by MinHuang!

❶The ultrasonic cleaner offers a frequency up to 47,000 hertz, which could be 20% cleaning efficiency than 40000~45000hz cleaner, deeply remove hidden dirt, protein dirt and for those which are attached in , crevices that can’t be removed normally by water. The sonic jewelry cleaner machine makes the cleaning process effectively and safely.
❷Easy and Safe to Use: The ultrasonic cleaner comes with 3min and 5min two different settings for . Just press the button, the slight buzzing sound will be emitted and it will automatically stop by the timer setting.The ultrasonic glasses cleaner is powered by 110V that is very safe to use.12OZ/350ML capacity stainless steel tank makes it meets most of objects cleaning.
❸Wide Range of Applications: The jewelry cleaner lets you enjoy a professional standard cleaning in you own comfortable space. The jewelry cleaner ultrasonic machine can used for cleaning all jewelry, glasses, sunglasses, tools, watches, rings, necklaces, makeup, brush, razors, dentures, etc. Note: If there is protective film on your glasses, please use it in caution.
❹Compact Design and Convenient to Carry: The ultrasonic cleaner comes with high-end waterproof surface finishing,Covered by surface with high polymer PVC material, ensuring the ultrasonic cleaner’s durability while having a great tactile feeling. It adopts SUS304 stainless steel tank provides good corrosion resistance and comes with detachable power cable. Small size that is to carry your ultrasonic glasses cleaner anywhere.

Package Includes:
1 * Ultrasonic Cleaner
1 * Adapter
1 * Manual


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