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COPOZZ Full Face Scuba Diving Mask Anti Fog Goggles With Camera Mount Underwater Wide View Snorkel Swimming Mask For Adult Youth


SKU: 9155467346230-copozz-full-face-scuba-diving-mask-anti-fog-goggles-with-camera-mount-underwater-wide-view-snorkel-swimming-mask-for-adult-youth Category: Tags: , , ,

Model Number : mask 4910
Brand Name : COPOZZ
Origin : Mainland China
Size : S/M,L/XL
Application : Men women teenager, teens
Occasion : Spearfishing, Underwater hunting, Snorkel, Swimming pool
Vision : 180 Degree Wide Viewing
Compatible : For Gopro Cameras and other cameras
Style : mascara buceo snorkel swim mask
Color : black white, white blue, black blue, white pink, dark blue, black
Dual air flow : Breathing more smoothly
type : Snorkeling Mask
type2 : Full Face Snorkel Diving Mask Set
type3 : scuba mask

COPOZZ Full Face Snorkel Diving Mask Set Anti Fog Goggles with Camera Mount Compatible Underwater Wide View for Adult Youth
Longer snorkel tube
Our snorkel tube is much longer than old version, so it is more easy to disassemble and smoother breathing.
Movable camera mount
Our camera stand of snorkel mask is adjustable and movable, you can free to adjust the height. While the camera mount of the old version is fixed there.
Liquid silicone
The scuba diving mask is made of liquid silicone, it is environmentally friendly and anti-allergic. While before version is made of normal silicone.
Full dry top technology
Original water stop system, stop water completely.
Naturally Breathing, the full face snorkel mask is much easier to use than the traditional one with the mouth piece pipe.
Larger Viewing Area. Full face snorkel mask let you get more out of their underwater adventures.
Adjustable elastic fabric headband, easy to wear and suitable for all kinds of head shape.
Easier than ever to breathe comfortably through your mouth or nose while you are snorkeling
Dual air flow design, breathing more smoothly, anyone who do not want to smoothly breath when diving.
1.What size do I need and would the small size be small enough to fit a child 14?
Answer: Please check the length between the bridge of their nose and the chin then match it to the sizing chart image to determine the best fit. In general we’ve found kids 14 and up to be big enough for a small mask.

2.How deep down can you go with this snorkel mask?
Answer: Our snorkel mask is designed for surface snorkeling.

3. Will it work if i have a beard?
Answer: In general, the mask will perform best when you are clean-shaven. If there is some light facial hair you may experience some minor leaking, but the mask would still be usable.

4. Does it fog up when you are wearing it?
Answer: Our mask has some features that help with fogging if the seal around your nose is good. Also, if you use a non-abrasive toothbrush and toothpaste to scrub the inside of your mask and rinse with warm water it will help. I also recommend swishing anti-fog solution in your mask before each use.

5. Can I breathe through nose and mouth?
Answer: Our snorkel mask makes it easier than ever to breathe comfortably through your mouth or nose while you are snorkeling.


Snorkel Mask   * 1 piece
Ear Plug       * 1 pair
Soft Carry Bag * 1 piece
User Manual    * 1 piece
Detachable Camera Mount * 1 piece  (Not includes the Camera)

Why choosing us?

COPOZZ full face snorkel mask combines unique features with great style for a better snorkeling experience. Let you get more out of their underwater adventures.
You no longer have to deal with a tube snorkel in your mouth. Breathing chambers inside the mask and an innovative dry snorkel allow you to breathe naturally and calmly through either your nose or mouth. Breathing slowly through your nose helps reduce chances of fogging. The dry snorkel will prevent water from entering the mask through the snorkel tube. If water does leak through the seal around your face, just lift your head out of the water and it will drain through a one-way chin valve. This mask also has the largest viewing area on the market!


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