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Clear Book Vase Clear Book Flower Vase Clear Book Vase for Flowers, Cute Bookshelf Decor for Floral Arrangement Home Decor


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Model Number : Clear Book Flower Vase
Function : Tabletop Vase
Material : Acrylic
Style : Modern Style
Origin : Mainland China

Bullet Points:
1、Sturdy Material: Clear Book Flower Vase is made of high-quality acrylic, and the surface is smooth, bright, durable, and beautiful. This planter will add charm and beauty to your room.
2、Versatile Functions: The Book Shaped Flower Vase can be used to grow real flowers in water, decorate a space with fake flowers or just use as room decoration, dining table, or shelf sculpture decoration. the
3、Refract Sunlight: Acrylic Book Flower Vase has a beautiful light refraction effect. Each combined with a metal chain, it’s an excellent sun reflector. It refracts sunlight onto the indoor walls or floors.
4、Easy to Clean: If the Clear Acrylic Vase has dust or other stains, you only need to wipe it with a soft material, such as a sponge, to clean it. It has no complicated cleaning process.

5、Wide Use: Want something special for your home decor? Add a touch of style to your home with this Clear Book Vase. Suitable for any household items, and outdoor space.

This Clear Book Vase is designed in a simple book style. It is a modern creation with a strong artistic and cultural atmosphere.
Acrylic Book Vase is made of durable acrylic material with a transparent design, which is lighter than glass, less prone to damage, and has a longer service life.
Suitable as a centerpiece, with or without flowers, perfect for weddings, parties, hotels, bars, restaurants, and cafes as table decorations, and can also be used as candy containers, gift containers, coin jars, and fish tanks.

A home decor addition, everyone loves this book-shaped design vase. When filled with roses, it enhances any romantic event and makes a perfect gift.

Name: clear book flower vase
Material: Acrylic
Packing List:1*Acrylic Book Flower VaseLonniesvariety Sd1e5bfd48ee14e8eb8c1215d0c0601c6WLonniesvariety Sde5f08db4e404915b0274317626b96e4DLonniesvariety Sbef1e1837a2d46edb520600cdd7169bctLonniesvariety Sb21110520ebf4acb99cf79132cd5c64fPLonniesvariety S2670e0d0a344488298039be7891d36216Lonniesvariety S33e6a443d3304c6992036f8b2fce6c8fVLonniesvariety S67b00e067566483ea5c5a1b5dec2725fmLonniesvariety Sbcb0508b5e644f80aa9c06df1d2c76efpLonniesvariety S877024e1f7a54a188c255badc25cab51hLonniesvariety S515b6bc545df470ebdcf6c6fd4877e214Lonniesvariety S2ae5076ccece4ebab8487fd072950bb3rLonniesvariety S45ebe62d17a94db18a693fcc0e27b6e93Lonniesvariety S5970c3e130c94ce898c11b8e326f6e0aBLonniesvariety S9f574cdc982a491b8a94d1bca60c4afaW


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