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Aiithuug Women’s Slim Fit Lightweight Jackets Women’s Full Zip-up Yoga Sports Running Jacket with Thumb Holes for Workout


SKU: 9156301095222-aiithuug-womens-slim-fit-lightweight-jackets-womens-full-zip-up-yoga-sports-running-jacket-with-thumb-holes-for-workout Categories: , , Tags: , , ,

Material : POLYESTER
zipper : Yes
Fit : Fits true to size, take your normal size
Feature : Quick Dry
Gender : WOMEN
Origin : Mainland China
CN : Guangdong
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88% Polyester, 12% Spandex
Women’s Lightweight, Full Zip Running Track Jacket provides you with a super soft layer of warmth without overheating or preventing ventilation. This full zip up innovative style was made for all body shapes, offering comfort and accentuating your silhouette. Perfect activewear for yoga, exercise, gym, fitness, running, any type of workout, or everyday use.

This women’s track jacket offers thumb holes to increase hand coverage and warmth,  this jacket is super lightweight so you can wear as an outer-layer for spring/fall or mid-layer for winter.
(Aiithuug Women’s Slim Fit Lightweight Jackets Women’s Full Zip-up Yoga Sports Running Jacket with Thumb Holes for Workout).
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