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700×25 HD Zoom Portable Powerful Binoculars Long Range Telescope Jumelles Folding Low Light Night Vision Binoculars for Hunting


SKU: 9005146341686-700x25-hd-zoom-portable-powerful-binoculars-long-range-telescope-jumelles-folding-low-light-night-vision-binoculars-for-hunting Categories: , , Tag:
  • Brand Name : NoEnName_Null
  • Magnification : 700
  • Objective Lens Diameter : 25mm
  • Eyepiece diameter : 10mm
  • Field of View : 70000
  • Type : Binoculars
  • Water Resistance Level : IPX4
  • Origin : Mainland China
  • Lens Coating Description : FMC
  • Focus Type : Central+Detached
  • Prism Description : BAK4
  • Model Number : 700×25
  • Material : Metal
  • Choice : yes



Material:Rubber and metal

Prism material:BAK4

Lens coating:Blue film eyepiece, Green film objective lens

Field of view: 700M/70000M





1.Life waterproof,which can better extend the service life of the telescope.Easy to deal with any harsh environment.

2.BAK4 prism and multi-coated lens for improved light transmission and image clarity.

3.Central focusing knob for smooth operation.

4.Broadband green film coating to increase light transmittance and make the imaging color fuller.

5.Lightweight and compact, good for camping, hiking, concerts, bird watching, hunting, traveling, golfing, sporting events and other outdoor activities.

*Metal pallet, with better quality and improved anti-falling performance, can effectively prolong the service life of telescope, which is unmatched by other plastic pallets!


1. Keep a proper exit pupil distance with the eyepiece. If the stickers are too close or too far away, you will feel dark shadows in the field of view when observing, and you will not be able to get a complete circle of vision.

2. Adjust the interpupillary distance. Adjust the distance between the two lens barrels to match the pupil distance of your eyes, so that the images can be seen to overlap.

3. Focusing. Slowly turn the focus wheel to focus and adjust the sharpness!

4. Do not use the telescope to observe the sun directly, as this will cause serious damage to the eyes or even blindness.


1 * Binocular

1 * Lens Cleaning Cloth

1 * Lanyard

1 * Storage Pouch

1 * Lens Cleaning Cloth

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